For those in the EU looking to purchase my standalone or Parallax patterns, due to the new VAT rules I have chosen to release my patterns on LoveKnitting. Because VAT is different depending on where you live, these patterns are "priced depending on location" and may change with the exchange rate as well. For this reason no prices are listed here but if a pattern is available ok LK you're welcome to click through and see if it's available at a reasonable price. I hope to have an alternative solution in the near future. In the meantime, I have removed my patterns from Etsy and Craftsy, where they were illegally available to EU customers (putting me at risk of future litigation).

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Standalone Patterns


These are standalone patterns, released independently of any book or collection.

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Parallax eBook


These patterns are available in Parallax, my eBook of op-art patterns.

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These patterns are available in my first book, entitled "Extreme Double-Knitting: New Adventures in Reversible Colorwork", available in print and/or PDF eBook from Cooperative Press.

Some of them are available as standalone patterns as well, if you're wanting to get just one.

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Contract Designs


These are contract designs, available only through specific outlets such as other books, magazines, clubs, etc. I do not own the rights to these patterns anymore, so please don't ask for copies if you can't or don't want to get your hands on them through the paths I describe.